Wednesday, November 22, 2006

After I close the nose flap, I usually take a bit of Crisco, work it into my hands, then run the nose down a bit... trying to make it smooth.

The gumpaste tools are helpful for making indentions and heavy markings for the mouth.

You can use the larger gumpaste tool (with the balled end) to make indentions for the eyes too, or you can use your finger. If you have fingernails, use the tool instead. Your nails won't do nice things to the fondant!

Take a small amount of white fondant and pinch at the ends, flatten to make Thomas' mouth. Shape to fit the indentions made with your gumpaste tools.

Brush on a bit of water or vanilla extract to the back of the white mouth, then insert it into place. Apply light pressure to set it.

Occasionally you may see details I have failed to mention or guide you through. One example of this is in the formation of Thomas' mouth. If you look in later photos, I've given him an outer lip of sorts. This came after I studyed the toy and realized it sharpened his look. I did this using the flat side of a toothpick... very carefully, then smoothing out the imperfections with my paintbrush. You'll be surprised what you can do with your fingers and the very basic of tools to bring Thomas' face to life!

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