I created this tutorial after receiving dozens of a week on a Thomas the Tank Engine cake I posted to another blog. I sincerely hope this tutorial helps you create a shaped cake for your favorite engineer!
    The information on this site took some time to put together. If you'd like to make a small donation, you'll find the donate button below! While I don't expect donations, I certainly do appreciate them.

    Here's a little about me... I'm a Christian, wife to an engineer, and mom to 2 awesome children, one of whom has high-functioning autism. My son takes most of my free time these days, so for the time being I've put my cake decorating on hold. My kids are currently 10 and 11 years of age. Last year we welcomed our first family pet... a golden retriever named Christmas. What a joy she's been!

    I currently work during the school year as a para-educator to middle-school children with special needs. We live in a wonderful city somewhere in the heart of America. Although, I could do without the snow! lol 

    Thanks for visiting my site! I do hope you'll share this tutorial with friends and family. : D

    God Bless!

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