Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Adding support and eyes.
I use a Wilton cookie stick to add support to the face. It's not possible to do this after the face has dried out, so let's do it now. Carefully push the stick into the underside of the face, being sure that the stick is actually going into the fondant, not just along side the back. Push up into the face to about the point you imagine the bridge of the nose to be, then stop.

Adding his eyes is relatively simple to do. Roll out the shape in your hand, making the ball slightly smaller than what you imagine to be the right size, then flatten it out. You may add a very small amount of water or vanilla extract to the back of the eye with your paint brush and then place it down. Repeat this process for the blacks of the eyes. Do similarly for the eyebrows. I usually pinch then ends to give the eyebrows their shape.

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Shannon said...

Wendy, I made this for my son's second birthday, and he STILL talks about his thomas cake and he's four! Just wanted to thank you for such a great tutorial! I found you again to get the link to your marshmallow fondant recipe - so yummy!